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Why Women Are So Daft:

(21st April, 2017 Email)

Yeah, I realize that statement is a bit of a generalization… but there is some truth built into it.

Hear me ouuuut:

A year and a half ago, I was sitting in my ‘totes fave’ Daygame spot here in Sydney.

I watched as a (very) hot English girl walked past me (I’m not magic, I found out she was English later – I didn’t know just gawking at her ass).

As I was standing up to run after her, she entered a coffee store. Instead of approaching her inside, I changed targets to some other girl who walked past.

About 5 minutes later, I dawdled back to ‘my spot’.

Then, as luck would have it, this English girl exited the coffee shop with her drink and walked riiiight by me. (I’m talking – WAY – too close to me for it to be a coincidence).

The first thing she gasped after my opener was, “OMG this has happened to me twice since I’ve been here.” Yes, Sydney has a VERY active Daygame community. I brushed it off and continued with the conversation. We went for a solid 11.23 minutes until I felt that she would see me again. At that point, I took her number and bode her farewell.

To keep this story relatively short, we slept together on the first date, and kept our fuck buddy situation going for a few months.

In that time, I quizzed her on topics such as the other guys who had approached her. Her general sex life. Her clubbing life. Even her tinder life, and everything in between.

Here’s where it gets interesting for our Daygame lesson:

Like most girls, she’s come to the conclusion that ‘club hookups suck’ – “they’re all ass holes that never call you the next day”.

What were her feelings towards tinder, you ask?

“Most tinder dates are nothing like their profile, and the rest are generally weirdoes anyway. Me and my friends are sick of tinder dates.”

Now get this,

I quizzed her about the other guys who had Daygamed her.

She told me that she never replied to any of them.

“But why to me”, I asked?

She replied, “Well you seemed pretty cool and normal”. “But didn’t the other guys who approached you seem that way as well?” I retorted. “Well yeah, but I’d just been on another shitty tinder date, so I decided to give it a shot with you – and I’m glad I did”.

This is where the daftness of women starts to kick into over drive.

I dug even deeper with my questions, “how long did you talk to the other guys for?” to which her average answer was 7-8 minutes.

From here, I had to point out the obvious:

With tinder dates, you’re relying on possibly fake photos and a short text conversation.

With club guys, you’re relying on basically no conversation at all, just physical perceptions that are generally clouded by dark dance-floors and alcohol.

Yet, when a guy approaches you in the middle of the day, you get to see the him for who he truly is. You get to have a 7-8 minute genuine conversation. There’s no music and alcohol to cloud your judgement.

So why wouldn’t this be the most ideal kind of guy to reply to and see again? I mean, you’ve gotten to know a lot more about him, his looks and his personality than any other of your dating options?

Well, the way I framed this question certainly did the job.

She lay there stunned.

Trying with all her will to come up with some justification.

Minutes later, she finally answered:

“Hmmm, I never thought about it like that”.

And there you have it dudes. Cognitive reasoning is NOT most women’s strong point.

I delved deeper into the circumstances of the other times she had been Daygame approached, and came to the conclusion that MY approach had been a much more emotional experience for her.

There was more teasing, more flirting, more spiking, more rapport, more investment… and less “question and answer” type conversation than what the other guys had given to her.

This would explain why I got the reply and date, rather than the other dudes.

Don’t let a woman’s daft rationalizations get you down.

Instead, check out how I make my Daygame approaches more emotional, exciting and memorable for girls. Inevitably I make them want to see me again, against all the odds of their daft brain cells:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you next week,

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