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You Can Rule The World

(And Women)

(28th March, 2017 Email)

What makes you watch a new television series?

A friend might have told you about it. You may have caught part of an episode on tv once, then decided to watch it on netflix a bit later. You may have even looked at the ‘similar TV shows’ section on IMDB.

Now tell me, of all the tv shows you’ve watched or are currently watching… how many do you STILL enjoy?

To provide an example:

I used to watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

It wasn’t spectacular TV, but the first few seasons were fun enough with some quality humour weaved in between the canned laughter. Yet season by season, the quality took a drastic turn for the worst. Episodes started to become painful to watch, the ‘comedy’ becoming cringy at best. But I still watched it. Until finally, a few seasons ago, I just quit it cold turkey.

Though, quitting wasn’t easy.


I was invested in the show.

I knew the plot, the characters and the overall development that had occurred since the start.

To cut ties with and suddenly stop watching is not easy

I’m willing to bet that this has happened to you on a number of occasions as well (especially in Daygame). We’ve all been to the cinema only to fall asleep half way through the god-awful movie. So why don’t we just get up and leave? Well, most of the time, it’s the commitment we’ve made that is forcing us to stay.

We paid for the tickets. Paid for the popcorn. Paid for the drinks. Besides, it took us 45 minutes to decide the movie was shit… but who knows, it may turn into something interesting ‘soon’. So we stick it out.

As detrimental as this principle of commitment can be, we can also leverage its power for good within our Daygame interests.

Plato once said:

“Those who tell stories, rule the world”


So is it any coincidence that one of the most powerful techniques in Daygame is creating rapport and investment?

These babies go hand in hand throughout attraction and seduction.

You tell a story about your life, looking to make the hot chick feel more comfortable around you (like she’s “known you for years”) and then she’ll feel more hospitable about going in-depth with stories about herself.

Congratulations, this is the equivalent of the girl being ‘2 seasons into a TV show’.

Thankfully like above, if you’ve stuck around long enough and gotten 2 seasons into a TV show, it’s much harder to just quit ‘cold-turkey’ and stop watching… until you offer nothing but boredom. Though even this can be pushed on for a while.

So today I implore you to come up with some very exciting and detailed stories you can start to casually drop into your Daygame conversations with girls.

Make them as lively and exciting as a brand new TV show and get her invested in you.

She’ll go on to do the same with some stories from her life, and before long, you have thousands of years of psychology working on your team. Soon, this girl you have just Daygamed will be commanded by her subconscious to see you again.

This Daygame Australia Pick-Up Infield shows you many instances of storytelling used to create heavy investment with a hot girl.

Watch it and the analysis throughout:


[Infield] Hot Colombian Daygame Pick-Up (With Analysis)


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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