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  • What to NEVER wear when meeting and dating women... Unless you’re happy with lonely nights at home on YouTube, Facebook or Pornhub
  • A *hidden formula* that turns your boring questions into super-interesting conversation. Automatically making girls do ALL the “conversation work”

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Hey Guys, I'm Paul Plow

Head Pick-Up, Dating And Seduction Coach Here At Daygame Australia

Between My Colleague And I, We Have Almost 10 Years Experience
In This Pick-Up, Seduction, And Dating World

I'd Like To Tell You A Little About Myself And Daygame

Doesn’t it make sense that the only way to learn how to meet more women, get more phone numbers, set up more dates, take more girls out at night…
And eventually get more women back to your bedroom… Is to learn from a guy who is PROVEN to do all of this with LOTS of women?

(Here at Daygame Australia we’ve slept with well over 100 women – And been on way over 1000 dates – BTW I’m still only 21 years old)

To put that in perspective, I once read a study from the International Academy of Sex Research that said
the average amount of sex partners during a man’s lifetime is just 9 girls…

Sleep With Only 9 Different Girls In A Freakin’ Lifetime???

That’s around one new girl every 8 years of your life, going by today’s average life expectancy for a man.

By finding your way here to DaygameAustralia, you’re literally learning pick up, seduction, dating and sex skills from
guys who have slept with 1,200% more girl’s than the world wide average.

And let me repeat, personally I am just 21. That leaves plenty of life time for me to exponentially increase these numbers.

I Would Like To Send YOU A Free Ebook That Will Teach You:

  • The (Almost) unknown secrets that YOU need to know to successfully meet girls on the street, in your university campus, inside of a church, at the supermarket, in a clothes store
    And many, many more locations...
  • You know that feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach right before talking to a hot babe? In this book we'll teach you how to *short-circuit* your brain and temporarily remove any anxiety you feel.
  • Do you ever find yourself nervous and sweating when trying to keep strong, sustained eye-contact with a sexy girl that you want to kiss?
    We’ve tested this one secret method on well over 700 different dates… It works almost EVERY time to make you cool, calm, confident… And ready to make out with her
  • We will show you The ONE place on the internet where you can easily watch proven, successful seducers picking up hot girls while they are simply walking down the street.
  • 3 quick and almost FREE oral hygiene tips you MUST do before even thinking of talking to women. Not even Brad Pitt could pick up girls if he forgot these 3 basic tips...
  • Tell me: How the HELL can changing the shoes you wear easily and automatically increase your chances of turning a woman on, while increasing your chances of having sex with her quickly?
    This simple *psychological shoes hack* is waiting for you near the bottom of page 5 in your FREE book.
  • Ask yourself: Do YOU subconsciously signal *neediness* to the women you talk to?
    Read and re-read the bottom of page 13 in your FREE book and you’ll quickly fix this silly problem that most guys stupidly make each time they approach a girl.

"Paul's Coaching... Was Worth About 10x What I Paid..."

I really didn’t want to waste my money on a dating and pick up coach who wasn’t actually good.

But after watching the Daygame Australia telegram group for a few months, I had seen Paul Plow post many video and picture proofs of his constant lays with new girls…

I bit the bullet and took the risk on getting coaching with him. It paid off greatly. Paul’s coaching was absolutely worth the money. In fact, it was probably worth about 10 times what I actually paid.

Great stuff Paul. Everyone should get coaching with you

Andrej Klemmen, Bratislava, Slovakia

Does Your Text-Game Suck?
Fix It With This Free Ebook:

By far the most common questions I’ve gotten over the years from my students has been on texting…

Guys always ask me: How do you text a girl properly?… How often should you text her?… When should you text her?… How long should your texts be?… All that stuff...

Well I’m going to teach you all this and much more in the FREE book from page 23 onwards


  • What the “real goal” of texting is. No, texting isn’t for fun – It simply one of the many tools in a successful pick-up seducer’s toolbox. It’s methodical and planned. I’ll teach you the real goal of texting in this free book.
  • Wouldn’t you like to be better than basically all other guys at text-game? Simply follow my 2 easy-to-remember texting rules and your text game results will basically explode overnight.
    (These rules are half way down page 23)
  • Would it make your life infinitely easier if you could remove ALL the pressure of organizing the actual date with a girl? If you answered “yes”, I’m guessing you’d like to know the one simple message I send (That’s less than 10 freakin’ words long) that can easily and almost automatically set up the time and place of my date with a new girl.
    (That text example is on page 24 if you’re wondering)
  • If there was ONE HOLY TEXTING RULE and one holy texting rule ONLY that I could teach you, it would be the rule I reveal on page 26. Screw this up and you might as well sign-up for a lifetime pornhub subscription.
    Though thankfully with all the information in this FREE book – You will probably never need to use pornhub again… Unless it’s to give your latest girlfriend some new bedroom ideas…
  • Ask yourself: What should you do when a girl you’re trying to seduce randomly messages you with “Hey, how are you?”
    I know for a fact that most dudes totally fuck up their response to this message. Sadly they don’t know just how easy it actually is to smash your reply out of the ball park for a home run and make the girl EVEN MORE INTERESTED in you with your simple response.
    (An example of how I respond to this message is on page 25 for you to discover!)

Your FREE Ebook Will Also Reveal:

  • The one thing 99% of normal guys do when trying to meet and pick up women. By AVOIDING this one thing (And instead following OUR advice), you will instantly seem “totally different” and much, much more exciting to the girls you meet.
    (You can find this strange piece of advice on page 8)
  • My simple “layers” technique that quickly puts you head and shoulders above almost all other normal-guy’s crappy fashion sense
  • When it’s best to start a conversation with a woman very directly, or when to be a bit more clever and sneaky.
    (Our students report that this one trick has helped cut down their feelings of anxiety by over 50%) I have included 3 “easy to copy” examples on the 7th page of our FREE book.
  • Did you know there are 4 quick and easy to recognize tell-tale body language signs ALL women can’t help but naturally display when they like you and want to continue the conversation with you (Either right now, or on a future date…) We list them in your FREE book
  • They say “nice guys finish last”. We say this advice is BULLSHIT.
    Actually, it all depends on the WAYS you are being “nice”. In your free book, we go into FULL DETAIL to once and for all explain the idea of the “nice guy” to you and answer all the questions you may have been wondering about
  • What weird little trick do job interviews teach you about dating and women psychology?
    (We give you specific examples of this trick at the top of page 17)
  • The absolutely seductive power of DIRECT SEXUAL INTEREST
    (You probably think you’re doing this properly – But when you see our examples and lines… It’ll shatter your whole world.)
  • The most primitive and seductive trait a man can possible use to pick up a woman.
    (Men have been using this tactic since the dawn of cavemen…)
    Luckily though, almost no guys nowadays can do this properly, even though it is literally hardwired into our biology as humans... We’ll teach you exactly how to PROPERLY use this ancient trait that’s worked for 1000’s of years, (Every time) on page 20.

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  • Guy that desires an active dating and sex life
  • Guy aspiring to overcome social anxiety
  • Guy who likes the idea of approaching, meeting, and attracting almost any woman he sees
  • Guy not interested in relying on night clubs and alcohol to meet and seduce women
  • Guy that wants freedom from seeking validation from any person but themselves (ie) true confidence
  • Guy who wants to find a girlfriend
  • Guy who desires a more fulfilling social life
  • Guy who would like to network with similar-minded dudes on the same path to a successful life
  • Guy that wants to effortlessly and effectively text girls to set up dates
  • Guy that can imagine SAYING “NO” to new dates, because he’s already too busy with other women

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