Telegram Group - Daygame Australia

Need To Find A Wing?

Or Simply Looking For Some Daygame And Seduction Advice?



You’re in the right spot.

Daygame Australia runs a Telegram group (A messaging app much like Whatsapp… But more secure).



In this Telegram group you can:


  • Interact with Australia’s #01 daygame, seduction and pick-up coach – Plus many other seasoned, experienced seducers
  • Find fellow wings. Not only within Australia – We have members across the globe
  • Ask for advice on your specific seduction situation
  • Share recent infield stories – Getting feedback and knowledge to help for next time
  • Upload screenshots of your text conversations – We’ll help you out and recommend how to fix your text game!
  • Interact with other like minded dudes with similar goals of self-development. The brotherhood is strong!


Why Not Jump Aboard And See What All The Fuss Is About?


There’s no catch and you can leave the group at any time (Though you’ll probably find a new *home* here amongst fellow daygamers and seduction experts – Helping each other along in their journey to bed beautiful babes, and progress in life!)


If you haven’t got Telegram installed on your phone, download it from the Google Play app store here:


Once installed, join the Daygame Australia Telegram group by clicking here


Or by clicking on this link:


See you on the inside!


With kind regards,

Paul Plow